Language and Literacy Narrative

Here is where I will introduce the goals of the LLN.

This assignment was the most enlightening in a most unexpected way. I was made to call upon the literary experience, well literary experiences rather, that I had as a child. That originally was particularly hard for me. I thought to myself, how do I confine the skills I have acquired and the related experiences I’ve been through in the past to fit the academic standard and college level grammar. This was my biggest worry while writing an outline for this paper, however, as soon as I realized that this assignment really had no censorship of my linguistic skills and my multilingual sentence. After that realization, pen was put to paper and I just took off flying. I was reminded of the hurdles I had to face just to get to where I am and the little words of encouragement that kept me going.

My absolute favorite part of this assignment was surprisingly the peer review. This assignment not only allowed me to reevaluate and better appreciate my accomplishments, but it also introduced me to two of my peers with a completely different experience than mine that were simply amazing. It is through our narratives that we fostered a friendship that I had no expectations of having in the first place.