Peer Review

Your name:Kamel 

Reviewing: KARA

Evaluation Criteria for the Exploratory Essay – Peer Review Worksheet
Stance. Are new and more complicated ideas/conclusions pulled out from the synthesis to establish the writer’s thesis/stance? Is the thesis relevant, explicit, specific, qualified, and complicated?  The stance is built on the idea that Black English is rejected as a language which is a stance I haven’t heard before, it is relevant to our time since slang is a large part of this generations culture.          
Evidence. How effectively are ideas and sources delivered and developed in the essay? How effective, specific, and appropriate are the examples and passages used? How effective is the relationship between thesis and evidence? How well are the writer’s ideas distinguished from the ideas of sources? All the evidence used correlated to the ideas being presented, and she used a good amount where she had enough to back up her points while also not being overbearing and consuming the paper.          
Summary and paraphrase. How effectively and accurately does the essay introduce and summarize the rhetorical situations and main ideas from each source used? How effectively are more specific ideas/passages paraphrased? The main ideas are supported by evidence but her main points are all her own, each piece of evidence is described in her own words.            
Synthesis. How effective is the synthesis in the essay? Are the perspectives across texts treated dialogically and are the relationships across texts named explicitly—are ideas from across texts shown as supporting, extending, complicating, and/or challenging one another? Each idea has its own section where the idea is explained and supported, all the ideas support one another and come together to support the thesis of the paper.